Amédée Island – Abby, Chardi et Charlotte




Quel jour magnifique!


The sea was crystal clear which allowed us to see the underwater magic where sea snakes slithered. Amédée lighthouse was where some girls conquered their fear of heights on the 299 spiral stairs! When snorkelling, we swam beside turtles and admired the colourful coral, and lastly, we saw the aquamarine world from the glass bottom boat.

Nous avons même donné à manger aux petits et aux grands poissons de toutes les couleurs. Quelle belle journée!

Le déjeuner à Amédée était délicieux!

After we went on the beautiful glass bottom boat ride, we headed to the open restaurant right near the glistening ocean. Many school groups touring the island from New Zealand, Australia, and French islands came together to sit on the long tables and feast. Food was accompanied with traditional islander French and Melanesian songs and music as well as a small tribute to us Aussies as they sang a bit of ‘Waltzing Matilda’! Lunch was a large buffet, set out beautifully with a few tables and benches scattered through trees close to the seating area. When we arrived at the buffet, we were also given delicious tropical juices – excellent! We eagerly snatched some plates and made our way through the exotic and abundant choices of food.


Il y avait des fruits exotiques, du bifteck, de la salade, du poisson, des pommes de terre au gratin et beaucoup de glaces!


After all the food was inhaled, (très gourmand!), the music picked up pace to the strumming ukuleles as three Polynesian dancers entered the dance floor. Draped in traditional grass skirts and flowers, the dancers proved to have talent! This was a major highlight of our day, especially when we had the opportunity to participate in the dancing. Not only this, but it was such fun when teachers from different schools were selected to come onto the stage and try out the elegant dance moves!


It was very cool to see the true culture of Noumea, Amédée, and French islands represented through the cultural story lines, such as the canoeing adventures of the dances performed for us.


Quelle expérience inoubliable!!

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