First Impressions – Amelia et Abby

First Impressions!!

Bonjour, tour le monde! It’s now our second day in Noumea and we are starting to discover more and more of this beautiful place. When we first arrived, we were surprised to see how mountainous it is and how much greener than Australia it is right now. It was also quite a shock to see cars driving on the right side of the road!

Day 2 – we visited:

• le supermarché et
• nous avons acheté des baguettes
And, we chatted with the locals!!

We had a more casual dinner at the Pizza and Pasta restaurant where, funnily enough, we were served pizza and pasta as well as a choice of desserts varying from lemon tart to chocolate panncotta. So far, Noumea has been an exciting experience and we are looking forward to the rest of the week.

À bientôt!

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