le Marche – Sophie et Ella

On Friday, our last full day in Nouméa, we visited the markets. We all were looking forward to buying presents for our family and ourselves as a memento of our trip. We travelled to the  markets by public transport, using our French to purchase a ticket for the short ride there.

At the markets, we were able to buy little souvenirs such as key rings, homemade goods such as bags, jewellery, anklets and sarongs. Everyone enjoyed using French phrases and talking to the friendly local stall owners.

After purchasing our lunch at the local supermarket, we walked to La Baie des Citrons for a swim at the beach. We thoroughly enjoyed jumping off the pontoon and loved eating our baguette lunch on the pebbly sand.

After coming back from the markets and the beach with some very successful purchases, everyone concluded that the today was definitely a highlight.


A special farewell was also given to Madame Boshier as a plaque was placed on one of the trees by the other teachers at La Baie des Citrons, giving thanks to all that Madame Boshier has done for Roseville’s Nouméa trips.


Le Marché était superbe.

La Baie des Citrons était belle et magnifique.

La mer était claire et bleue.


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