Nous aimons Noumea – Anna et Claudia

Nous aimons Nouméa!


Amid the fun scheduled activities, we’ve had plenty of spare time which we have loved to spend relaxing by the pool, visiting the local market stalls and practising our French skills at local cafes.


The temperature during our time in Nouméa has been extremely pleasant as we’ve been blessed with lots of sun and the occasional cloud. We’ve spent time as a large group enjoying the pool facilities and bonding over childhood games. Others have loved soaking up the sun whilst chatting with friends.

Throughout the week, we have been lucky enough to enjoy the night market stalls and souvenir shops along Anse Vata. There were plenty of traditional items to be bought. Attention! It‘s important to consider the exchange rates from south pacific francs to AUD – we narrowly avoided spending $200 on a bracelet!

This week has also fine tuned our oral and conversational French skills. We have been able to purchase both lunches and dinners fully in French in the cafes and restaurants of Nouméa! We have particularly managed to perfect our ordering of la glace au chocolat, à la fraise, au citron and many more flavours!

This trip has been bittersweet, as we farewell Madame Boshier in her resignation from Roseville College. She has been a valued member of the Languages Department and Roseville community for an illustrious 46 years! This week marked her 14th trip to Noumea with Roseville girls since 1994 and it’s now clear for us to see why she kept coming back! We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to be her last tour group. Madame Boshier’s favourite place to visit in Nouméa has always been Baie des Citrons, so it was the perfect location to commemorate her time in Nouméa. The teachers, with the help of our Languages Captain for 2018, Ashleigh Bortz, organised this plaque to present her with as a small token of appreciation for the 100s of girls she has taught and impacted across the years.

You will be dearly missed, Madame Boshier!

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