En route! Olivia et Gemma

Aujourd’hui était merveilleux et un très bon début à notre voyage à Nouméa.

Today was a wonderful start to our trip.

Despite the early wake up, we all arrived at Sydney airport with huge smiles and as much luggage as excitement. It felt so great, finally, to commence the trip that we had been anticipating for so long. We said our goodbyes at the gate but, despite our parents’ sadness at our departure, we knew they were secretly happy not to have to deal with us for the week!!! After countless photos and baggage checks, we finally headed to security.

Et après, une heure de liberté!!!
Et un peu de shopping!
Et le petit déjeuner!!

Le vol était superbe et a duré deux heures.

La vue de Nouméa de l’avion était trop belle et la mer était si bleue, même turquoise.
Upon touching down, we were met by a rush of warm air. While collecting our luggage, we set the Roseville record for the most time spent waiting for people in the bathroom at the baggage section.!!!We finally left the airport and headed towards the bus which drove us to our hotel, Le Pacifique.

On arrival, we were welcomed by the friendly staff, and enjoyed a cold glass of guava juice. Délicieux!!!


• Le déjeuner
• Nous avons nagé dans la piscine
• Un peu de repos et de relaxation

We later went up to our rooms after the water became too unbearably cold!!!

Getting ready for dinner was a long process!!! It started by comparing outfits, having showers and then spending an extensive time on hair and makeup!!! And we still managed to be late!!!

Le dîner était splendide et délicieux.

It was a divine three course meal at the Hilton Hotel which was a short walk from where we are staying. We had fried brie for an entree, a chicken roll with a mushroom sauce and potato purée for our main meal and a creme brûlée for dessert. Fabuleux!!

Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to start our study tour of Nouméa!