What we love about Noumea – Danielle, Elspeth et Josie

What we love about Noumea? We possibly have the hardest topic of them all! We all love Noumea so much. With some difficulty, we managed to cut it down to a few excellent points!!

As soon as we got off the plane, we noticed a large difference – the humidity in the air! Also, Noumea’s extraordinary scenery blew us away…literally!


Il y avait du vent!

One of the biggest differences we have loved is the people- oh, don’t get us started on the people! Everywhere we turn , there is a wave, a “bonjour” or a “salut!”

We really enjoyed the Tchou Tchou train where we could wave to all the friendly locals as we passed by!


La Prof à CREIPAC était super! The teachers are so friendly, helpful and they are full of advice (and French, we might just add)!!


Likewise, when we went to Amédée, the people performed traditional songs and dances. They welcomed us warmly. We found it amazing that such a small number of staff could run a boat AND an island in one day!  Amédée was such an incredible experience and all of us loved it – especially climbing the lighthouse.



There’s nothing not to love in Noumea!


Il faut y revenir!!

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