L’Eau Vive – Caitlin et Heidi


To conclude our beautiful trip to Noumea, we had our final dinner at L’Eau Vive du Pacifique. We were looked after and catered for by the nuns at this venue. We referred to them as our sisters by saying “bonsoir, ma sœur” or “merci, ma sœur” to greet them and thank them. The venue had a very quiet and respectful atmosphere. All of us dressed up nicely to suit the occasion. It was so wonderful to hear “Ave Maria” sung to us all in French. Something that we observed was that their clothing was not a traditional habit. It was still modest but it was quite colourful and bright. They served us three courses consisting of a jambon et fromage crêpe, marinated chicken and chips and une glace au chocolat for dessert. The food was delicious and served by such happy and friendly people. This was a very special night and we feel extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity to have this experience.

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