Anse Vata – Josette et Tamara

Anse Vata is a street full of a variety of different restaurants, cafes, shops and souvenir shops. All these have a view of the ocean which is crystal clear and just so beautiful.

It’s bustling with noise, chatter and laughter with an overall exciting and friendly atmosphere. There is an abundance of bus stops lining the street which is convenient for both tourists and locals. One shop, in particular, captured the eyes of all the Roseville girls on tour. Le Glacier! This ice cream shop has a large variety of flavours and they serve the ice cream in the shape of a rose ?. As well as this, they make gaufres (waffles) with Chantilly and dark chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

The restaurants and cafes on Anse Vata serve a wide variety of food from pizza ? and pasta ? to steak ? to the iconic “croque monsieur”. Not only does this street serve food, there is a large amount of shops selling hats, souvenirs, jewels, and clothes.

We ordered lunch and dinner from here on some occasions which were tasty. We had a wonderful time walking along here and we even spoke French to order our food which was great practice and an experience!!


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